Welcome To Hitcrypto’s New Cryptocurrency Hangout & Tokenized Web page & Community

Here you will find a brief paragraph about our vision & plans.

We Are The Best New Cryptocurrency!

We are offering a new Cryptocurrency airdrop! Hit Cryptocurrency  & HitCrypto Token were created to solve the problem of scattered tools, reviews, videos, & news related to Cryptocurrency & bitcoin. We have just begun this new project, so please be patient & check back for more content & follow our social media.

It serves as a reference you can come back to to find information, related to top ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings), Cryptocurrency platforms, interviews, tools, websites, top coins, coins & their intended uses, and much more. If you would like to write for us, let us know. You will get 90% of post revenue.

We Are Currently Working On Getting More Content Together For You.

If you have something interesting you would like us to showcase, a topic for a video, tools, a list item or topic, interview, meme, or ICO/existing token you think we should review, contact us on twitter by replying to a tweet of ours, tagging us, @MyHitCrypto and we will most likely use it.

For more info email us at social@hitcryptocurrency.com.

We Are Getting Together Some Cool Products You Can Purchase Through Our Site!

We love kick ass merch… don’t you? That’s why we will be creating or putting together some things from stickers, courses, clothing, services, and other cool collectibles. We soon will launch a section where you can login, and then even post stuff.  This will then lead to incorporating a chat box or forum for people to talk crypto & trading. You can start by finding us on telegram. We will in the near future be hosting meetups, events, and hopefully even parties/ concerts. Also keep an eye out for our other projects including working on a token sale created in part with industry leaders and influences.