Here Are Some Projects Currently In Our Incubator.

WHAT WE  ARE WORKING ON NOW (Our Partners & Community)

  • Crypto Livin Token ICO and Airdrop (YouTube Show) (Tokit) 
  • Crypto Livin YouTube Channel
  • Crypto Documentary (In Progress) (Tokit Token Launch)
  • The Coin Guys (travelling Gang that sells products, having fun (Attract young ppl &  make Crypto cool.
  • Crypto Radio (Coming Soon) (ERC 20 Token For Ad Airtime & Requests)
  • Crypto Comedy (ICO Coming Soon) (LiveTree Show) (Token For Voting Power & Prizes)
  • More Projects (Coming Soon)
There will be many benefits to being a part of our community, accessing our incubator is one of them.


You can be involved in many ways. After all this is a community website. But with all of our crowdfunded projects, we see them not as just ours, but everyone involved in any aspect is a part of them and will be rewarded fairly. You can submit content to be featured, vote, talk with us, have access to all of our resources & content we create together. This is why our projects are not only crowdfunded, but crowd enjoyed. You get credit, and profits when we do. It is a true sharing economy. We use Token Economics, and Blockchain to do this. These are the fundamentals on which Bitcoin was created. In that case as well It is the community who has created and deserves credit and benefits from Bitcoin itself.

“A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.”                                    -Lao Tzu


We have made great accomplishments with our presentation for our Documentary Film, and want to share them as soon as possible. But first we want your input before the launch and we start asking for funds from the public. We will be voting on logo, name, mission statement, and dynamics of the Token Sale & how it is done. The Launch should be by the start of April 2018.


If you want us to feature your project, and support you, then you must be a part of our community and support this project. To do this, follow all of our social media, join our white list by sending us an email with incubator in subject, and share 2 of our tweets, as well as our Token Sale Campaign or Airdrop found here. Then write a short blog post on Steemit about your project Idea, and why others can benefit from noticing it. Include this link & @keithwillshine (our Steemit username). and use the tag "hitcrypto" in that post with the project name and link you would like us to feature. If you need assistance to get the idea off the ground, you may purchase a consultation here. (coming Soon)

If you cannot find our Campaign, search our twitter page. If it is not there, we have not launched it yet.