Printable Crypto Kitties Toys Tutorial

Here You Can See The Finished Product:

This is a sample of what you will get. We saved the coolest kitties for a gift to people who sign up to our whitelist.

Here is the first wave of toys. 

If you want to download the printable files for over 30 different kitties, please put your email below, and we will send them right away. (We will not send spam, and rarely send emails only for new changes we make to our services & cool opportunities & giveaways like this. You will also be able to claim free tokens when we (or our partners) do our airdrop).


We will also be periodically giving the second wave of kitties to our followers on social media, as well as other cool opportunities in the crypto space. Hit up our social media to be involved in our documentary, or be involved in our polls that will shape some of the decisions, and creative process involved. You can find all of our social media at the bottom of this website.


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