1. Diversification
Use multiple exchanges, platforms, or wallets to do your day to day trading. If you are not using it, and it is your savings, store it in a seperate wallet from your daily use. Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket. Some people even go as far as using a different wallet for each transaction.
2. Strong Passwords
The strongest passwords consist of a long string of letters & numbers. Do not use the same password for multiple accounts, and avoid including your name, address, birthday, or other personal info in passwords. Store passwords offline, on paper or a USB stick.
There are password generators online you can use to create random, and virtually uncrackale passwords.
If you are usinng complicated passwords, you can manage them with a password vault or manager like Truekey that alows access to all accounts with facial or voice recognition, or ones like keepass that use a master password.
3. Store In Safe Wallets
Desktop wallets, such as exodus, or jaxx are a huge step in security, only you control your priviate keys and must store them safely.
Browser Extention Wallets Like My Ether Wallet are also safe if you secure your priviate keys You will need to store money in them to participate in most ICOs or buy things like Crypto Kitties, and the same rules apply for storing the keys or recovery phrase.
Hardware Wallets, like ledger or Trezor are even better because they make storing and using your priviate keys a breeze. They also alow for many different accounts or wallets, and even support multiple Altcoins. Never give your priviate keys to anybody. When you hold priviate keys, you use and beat you to it.
If you cannot afford or access a hardware wallet, then paper wallets give the same affect, but just with more work.
4. 2 Factor Authentification or 2FA Is Utilizing 2 Verification Methods to Log In or Withdrawl
Most people are farmilliar with this type of verification when they have to click on a link in their email for sensitive operations on online accounts. When storing money in these accounts you probably will be asked to do this, but apps were created to make it easier, and harder to hack. Goole Authenticator or Authy are usually options to add on exchanges, as well as SMS verification, ensuring that to get into, or withdrawl, you need a password, your phone, and maybe access to email ontop of it. Make sure you enable this. Like anything people have figured out how to even hack these now. You can go one step further, especially if you are in the public eye and might be targeted. There are physical keys that have Fido U2F on them that you need to plug into your usb slot to protect your account, data, or funds. These cannot be hacked or accessed remotely.

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