If You Love Cryptocurrency and Want To Be Involved In Your Own… 

Than HitCrypto Is For You!

We love Blockchain, the Idea of decentralization & giving the power back to the people. There are many benefits of a rewards based society. Trust-less “Smart” systems are needed more each day. Maybe one day soon our government will be a self reliant system, or computer network. We have learned the long and hard way, what does not work. Now we can explore what does.  We will be the free thinkers who stand here when the dust settles. With a new platform, a new community, and new ideas, and tools to create a lifestyle that is more informed, abundant, safe, secure, and most of all, full of passion. Here at Hitcryptocurrency we invite all who are searching, who have the desire to create, to make change, and who could be leaders in this new and exiting reality to join us in this next step. We will be specifically targeting young people. We hope to portray our vision clearly & part of that is also to help you to build yours. Hit your dreams with Hit Cryptocurrency!

So. I your probably asking, what do we do?

Well we know we have been plunged into the world of crypto, like many of you have. We have been involved for quite some time. Trading, researching, learning, investing in projects, and in the past year or two, have been focusing on teaching others, sharing our knowledge, and spending all of our time, creating videos, livestreams and content. Now it is time to utilize the platforms and tools out there, and to take a further step towards where the past few years have been leading us… Instead of investing. Living and using what has been created. Creating our own product,  Token, and service. Getting involved in more of a business aspect, and creating the platform that we have not found yet.  Anything that is already out there, we will share, and link you to, and what we cannot find online, we will build our selves. We plan to help bridge the gap between other areas and cryptocurrency. We are going out in the world, to teach, and to do it creatively.

What exactly is the plan for HitCryptocurrency.com?

The plan right now, and our first function on the website will be to create something nobody has before. If we are putting all of our time, and energy into this, we want to be doing something important, something we love doing and that isn’t work. Something that can inspire others, and something that the crypto world is missing. We have so many ideas, so we plan to keep this website simple, and keep the purpose in mind. The Purpose of this website will be to create a documentary. That documentary will have many other smaller projects within it, and we want you to have a say in the whole process.

How Can I Contribute?

You can contribute by first simply sending us your email, with a hello. We can offer you more as we communicate and set up more options within the platform, but you will be able to keep updated on our social media. Then, you can participate in our polls on social media, especially twitter.  We will be asking many questions there regarding our project, and you can be involved this way in the decision making process. Soon we may have polls directly on the site. If you have any feedback, good or bad, this helps also. If you are interested in becoming part of our team, and have some background or experience in film, or interviews, or doing podcasts, graphic design, coding, or marketing, we can add you to our team. As long as you have a way to contribute, you can be listed on our team, and can get a developer reward or large bounty paid in our native utility token. If you help us out, we will help you, and will contribute to your project or cause also. We will offer you the knowledge we have gained, and give you 1 on 1 support in creating your own project, or token.


In the meantime

Before and while our documentary is in production, we will have numerous tactics for bringing traffic to our site. If you would like to write articles for our blog, or images for social media, we can reward you for doing so. We will also be hosting a few special interviews, Q&A sessions, and contests. We may also include a few other tools in the coming weeks. We will be having an ongoing crowdfunding token sale, on SingularDTV, and will be getting familiar with their platforms, tools and ecosystem.

Thanks for reading. Get Involved NOW!

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